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    Job Seekers

    A Fresh New Approach
    to the Job Search

    Job Depot is the best place to not only find great career opportunities, but a service that will connect you directly with the company recruiters looking to fill open positions at their companies.

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    Job Search

    You can search for jobs on the site and apply directly if interested. Take comfort in knowing that all companies are screened prior to having the ability to post jobs on the site. Take a look at the kind of industry leading companies who are using the platform, and connect with them during their chat sessions or virtual career fairs.

    Job Alerts

    Let company recruiters find you by creating job alerts to receive emails that match your profile. When we find a match, the job is emailed to you for review. You are welcome to apply for the jobs if you have an interest.

    Recruiter Chat

    Many of the companies who post jobs on the website will have a booth in our Recruitment Center. The Recruitment Center is the place you will visit to chat with recruiters during online (virtual) job fairs. The Recruitment Center is accessible anytime, and if you visit a company booth when a career fair is not taking place, the recruiters from that company are instantly emailed with your profile and resume. During a virtual career fair, you can chat with recruiters in their booth. Once you create an account in the Recruitment Center, you will receive email reminders when there are online career fairs taking place.